Nagyszeben/Sibiu among the five best European tourist destinations

Nagyszeben/Sibiu had an outstanding performance in a competition for the best European tourist destinations. With people from 192 countries voting, the Transylvanian city made it into the top five.

The best European destinations were chosen by a vote on European Best Destinations’ website. Mayor Astrid Fodor said that the city, with 45,699 votes, got into the top five. He pointed out that the former Saxon city obtained 15,000 more votes than last year and 60 percent of the votes came from abroad. This means that the city is attractive to foreign tourists. The mayor also pointed out that this means that the City Hall’s efforts to invest in tourism, its built heritage and green transportation paid off.

“As soon as the pandemic situation allows, we are ready to welcome tourists,” Fodor stated. Maximilien Lejeune, director of European Best Destinations, congratulated the city and called Nagyszeben/Sibiu a “must-see” travel destination after being on the map of important European cities for a couple of years. He noted the city’s wide range of cultural and gastronomical experiences and impressive natural attractions. Lejeune additionaly pointed out that the popularity of Nagyszben/Sibiu is the result of its smart tourism development because it did not aim to become a mere attraction but invested in its built heritage and history as well.

Nagyszeben/Sibiu bears the 2020 title of European Best Destination together with Rome, Florence, Paris, Vienna, Capri, the Canary Islands, the valley of the Dordogne River (France), the island of Kefalonia (Greece), Braga (Portugal) and Kotor (Montenegro). As the bearer of the title, the city will be recommended as a travel destination by the most popular tourist magazines in the world.

Featured image: budgetyourtrip.com

Author: Blanka Székely