Medieval archaeological finds discovered at Csíkszereda construction site

Fragments of bowls from the 14th century were discovered at the construction site of the gym of the Petőfi Sándor general school. The excavations needed after the discovery of the finds in the yard of the former girls’s school hinder the works but at the same time they offer several useful information about the medieval history of the surroundings of Csíkszereda/Miercurea-Ciuc.

For the construction of the grounding of the gym digging has to be done at a depth of 5 metres. The finds indicate that there are the ruins of buildings from the 14th century.

According to Enikő Sógor, vice mayor of the city “the finds are real gifts both for archaeologists and also for the inhabitants of the city but they are not much of a joy for the investment and for the community of the school.” She hopes that the importance and value of the finds will compensate the present exasperation.

The excavation will take time

Lóránt Darvas, archaeologist of the Szekler Museum of Csík explained that the discovered ceramic fragments indicate, that they will find the ruins of the one-time settlement. „The territory is large, it will take time until we do the professional excavations. At the same time it must be mentioned that there is no other archaeological surface, that is this large on the territory of the city. This is a unique possibility to excavate arcaeological finds related to Csíkszereda.”

He added that the so-called culture layer is rather thick so they are really curious about what they are facing. It may be possible, that there will be finds, houses and annexes not only form the 14th century but also from the 12th and 13th one.

Featured photo: maszol.ro

Author: Blanka Székely