‘May illiteracy never leave our city’ – the gaffe of the Iaşi mayor

The mayor of the Eastern Romanian city of Iaşi, Mihai Chirica, made a ridiculous blunder the other day by saying he wished that illiteracy “never leave our city,” reported the Mediafax news agency.

Just after he had submitted his application to run for mayor again in the upcoming municipal elections, Chirica summed up his future plans for Iaşi in a press statement. As he pointed out, he would continue the projects he had started, aiming for the further development of the city. “We have to ensure that our children have smiles on their faces. They should get a first-class education, and illiteracy should never leave our city,” emphasized the mayor. “In the past four years our children had top-ranking academic results, and we have to remain an exemplary model nationwide in this regard,” Chirica pointed out. As his slip-up received considerable media attention, on Wednesday the mayor published a post on his Facebook page, admitting that he had indeed committed a blooper.

“I believe it is obvious for every well-intended person that it was just a simple mistake. I know that involuntary humor can be juicy, and I would have also been amused had I not been the author of the gaffe,” wrote the mayor. He added that his main intention was to emphasize the importance of supporting public education.

“I wished for smiles on children’s faces. It seems that I have managed to bring quite a few smiles on the faces of many,” concluded Chirica.

Title image: Mayor Chirica admitted he would have found his gaffe amusing as well

Source: digi24.ro

Author: Éva Zay