Marosvásárhely ring road might actually be completed

Building roads and motorways in Romania is, for some inexplicable reason, really hard and it never goes as it was planned – just check out our articles about the motorway-situation of the country.

The same thing happened with the ring road of Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș. The construction of the road started in 2014, but in December of 2017 the Romanian road infrastructure management company, CNAIR cancelled the contract with the executor, a Spanish company called Copisa. CNAIR declared they broke the contract because Copisa finished only 35% of the project in three years.

Another two years later, the CNAIR has now announced a public bid for the completion of the project, the deadline for submitting proposals is September 2019. According to CNAIR, the estimated value of the contract is EUR 47 million without VAT, the time allocated for the execution is 24 months – 6 months for planning and 18 months for construction.

The ring road, bypassing Marosvásárhely in the Segesvár/Sighișoara–Szászrégen/Reghin direction, will be 11.6 km long, with 8 bridges, overpasses and viaducts. The road will link Segesvár–Marosvásárhely–Szászrégen in order to reduce the volume of traffic crossing Marosvásárhely in the north–south direction.

Title image (illustration): The construction of the ring road started in 2014. Photo: CNAIR Facebook page

Author: Orsi Sarány