Magyarvalkó Reformed church was completely restored

The Reformed church of Magyarvalkó/Văleni was completely restored outside and in, together with its fortified wall. The congregation gave thanks at the festive mass ont he 25th of July. With the help of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District the congregation received an aid of EUR 403 thousand from the European Union and another one of EUR 90 thousand from the Hungarian Government to which they added their donation and work.

One of the most special churches of the Kalotaszeg region guards Magyarvalkó from the hill, where in 1261 already stood a chapel praising God. The imposing building was completely restored together with its castle wall in the last years. During the works the congregation held the church services, feasts in the small prayer room, in the local culture house or on its courtyard.

At the festive occasion bishop Béla Kató preached. He underlined that churches become of special importance especially when they cannot be attended to. When the church from Magyarvalkó was closed because of the renovations and also because of the pandemic, many realized its significance only then. The bishop stated: believers not only stand and admire the beauty of the church from afar but also enter and quench their thirst with the Word just as the yearning animal arrives to fresh water.

The greetings of Zsolt Semjén, the Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary were read by Katalin Demeter consul: “ The restored walls call upon the members of the Reformed community to renew in their souls, in their faith and in their Hungarian nationality.”

Featured photo: Gábor Kiss

Author: Blanka Székely