MEP Loránt Vincze to compile post-Brexit report on EU rights

Loránt Vincze, Member of the European Parliament for RMDSZ, (the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania), is responsible for compiling the report that will include the rights of EU citizens residing in Great Britain and those of UK citizens residing in the European Union. He will be doing so as a member of the European Parliament committee that is organizing the framework of the cooperation between the British and the European Union.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament approved the agreement concerning the termination of Great Britain’s membership in the Union. Following the written consent of the European Council, on Friday at 12 p.m. Brussels time, Great Britain will exit the European Union.

Following the exit, the negotiation process between the European Commission and Great Britain will continue because an agreement on a bilateral relationship needs to be developed in regard to various issues, including the regulation of industry, cooperation in the field of justice, pharmaceutical regulations, environmental and security policy questions and data protection.

In this process of negotiation, the European Parliament will also join in to work on the design of the relationship with Great Britain. It is here that Loránt Vincze, representing the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs within the European Parliament, will compile the report relating to the rights of citizens of the European Union residing in Great Britain and those of the citizens of Great Britain residing in the European Union.


Featured photo: Loránt Vincze, Member of The European Parliament, RMDSZ

Author: Blanka Székely