Levente Molnár named Best Male Actor at São Paulo Cinefantasy

Transylvanian actor Levente Molnár was awarded the Best Male Actor prize at the Brazilian Cinefantasy International Film Festival.

The award ceremony of the 11th edition of the fantasy movie festival in São Paulo was held online over the weekend due to the pandemic situation.

The first feature film directed by Balázs Krasznahorkai, Ravine/Hasadék, is a father-son story, a drama set in the high mountains, evoking the atmosphere of ballads. Levente Molnár plays Bálint, a doctor from Transylvania who returns from Budapest to his hometown in the Máramaros mountains.

The Transylvanian doctor then meets his teenage son, whom he had abandoned 17 years earlier. From here, his visit, initially planned to be short, takes a dramatic turn. The son, Simon (Dénes Babai), has a rebellious and self-destructive lifestyle under the guidance of the leader of the local mafia. The movie speaks about the importance of relationships within the family and about the contradictions created within these relationships, about crime and punishment.

Last year, Levente Molnár — also known for his role in Laszlo Nemes’s Oscar-winning Son of Saul — won the Film Critics Award of Hungary for his roles in the movies Tall Tales and Captives.

Featured photo: scene from the movie Ravine/Photo: Lenke Szilágyi

Author: Blanka Székely