Lack of protective gear raises serious problems at police station in Olt

The Olt County Police Inspectorate has taken a unique approach to protecting their employees. With the number of citizens infected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) rising every day, authorities have been pressing all citizens to protect themselves by washing their hands often, avoid close contact with others, and wear gloves and/or masks. Thus, the Inspectorate has allocated one set of gloves for the entire police station in Olt, along with one half-liter of sanitizer and one mask for every police officer.

We haven’t seen the instruction manual that came with the package containing the gloves, but if we consider that the police station has four employees, we can calculate via some simple math that every police officer will have 2.5 fingers of their choice protected during the pandemic.

The package also contained one half-liter of sanitizer, which we believe is to sanitize the remaining 7.5 fingers exposed to contaminated areas. Fortunately, there were also masks, which seem to have been in stock, as every police officer received one.

What’s rather interesting is that the Inspectorate took the aforementioned measures after the Police union, Europol, complained to the Olt County Police Inspectorate about the lack of protective gear for its officers. A day after the union complained, the Inspectorate sent the package with a strong message: Use them with care because no other protective gear is available.

Title image: Contents of the protective gear package. Image source: Europol’s Facebook page

Author: István Fekete