Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca may enter quarantine due to coronavirus epidemic

Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca will have to be placed under quarantine if the coronavirus situation in the city worsens, said Mircea Abrudean, the prefect of Cluj County, who is also the president of the county commission handling emergency cases.

For the first time, Cluj County has one of the highest rates of infection, registering 6.34 infections per 1,000; in the case of Kolozsvár, the ratio is even higher at 7.49.

“Everyone needs to understand that if they do not abide by the partial curfew and keep social contact to a minimum, if we do not apply healthcare measures, at the present rate, we will not be able to avoid quarantine, which is an extreme measure. We, the authorities, will do everything to avoid quarantine, but to be able to do this, we need the cooperation of the people because otherwise, all efforts are in vain,” the prefect stated.

The question as to whether or not Kolozsvár will be placed under quarantine depends on the pandemic data over the next few days. Authorities will analyze data from daily test results, the number of deaths, the number of available beds in intensive care and the personnel capacity of the city’s COVID hospitals, to name a few. Of course, they will also consider the effect of the new measures enacted across the country.

Featured photo: Regina Maria Hospital

Author: Blanka Székely