Half of Kolozsvár budget goes to development

The city has RON 2.12 billion (EUR 433 million) to manage in 2021, according to the budget draft presented this week. A total of 50.7 percent of the budget will be spent on operating costs, while 49.3 percent will be spent on development.

From the draft, it turns out that the budget of the municipality will be RON 1.92 billion, while the budget of the public institutions belonging to the city and that of the activities financed from their own funds will be RON 241 million. The yearly budget of the directorate responsible for services will be RON 1.8 million, which will be financed via non-refundable grants.

The city budget dedicated to development will be 45.27 percent higher than in 2020. While last year RON 718 million was spent in this area, the sum this year will be RON 1.04 billion. It is important to note that the loss of income due to the coronavirus epidemic significantly limited the city’s spending possibilities in this field as well.

In terms of development, 46.5 percent of the amount allocated will be spent on public transportation and roads; 22.9 percent on dwelling, services and public development; and 12.6 percent will go toward the development of cultural and leisure activities. Meanwhile, 8.7 percent of the money intended for development will be used in the field of education.

The budget presentation also showed that for each 1 RON in taxes paid by locals, the municipal government managed to draw 3 RON from European funds. The city management calculates that its income from EU funds in 2021 will be RON 411 million.

Featured photo: gobackpacking.com

Author: Blanka Székely