Kolozsvár buys tablets for pupils

The local government of Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca has taken new measures to counter the fallout from the coronavirus epidemic. During its online session on April 7, the body of city counselors completed this year’s budget for Clujana City Hospital with RON 5.5 million. From this amount the institution will spend RON 4 million on equipment (ventilators, vital signs monitors, intensive care beds, defibrillators, medical examination equipment, etc.), while the remaining RON 1.5 million will be spent on protective gear.

In May, at the start of the application period for EU funds, the municipality will apply for reclaiming all money spent.

The budget reserved for the purchase of school equipment was also recouped with RON 1.57 million. From this money the educational institutions can now buy tablets for their students in need.

In Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca, 37,538 students are 0-12 graders (not including those in special education and post-graduate training as these do not fall under the local government’s jurisdiction). From these, 2,098 students do not have a laptop, tablet or computer at home, so they cannot access any online educational tools/platforms now being used. This problem was remedied with the new decision by the municipality. The money should be enough to buy a tablet for each student who doesn’t have one.

The tablets have 10-inch monitors, 16 GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM; their unit price is RON 750. The schools may also purchase internet cards in the devices as needed. The tablets will be bought by the schools during the spring vacation, and the head teacher or educator will be in charge of then sending them to those students who need them. The students will not be required to give the tablets back after the state of emergency; they may use them until the end of the 8th or 12th grade.

Romania recently had its state of emergency extended until mid-May, meaning that schools will not open until then and distance education will continue.

Featured photo: Wirecutter

Author: Blanka Székely