KaravanAct: traveling theater festival in three Transylvanian cities

The KaravanAct Festival, organized by the Kolozsvár-based Shoshin Theatre Association, will take place between August 17 and 22. There will be colorful and unforgettable experiences, with productions from Poland, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca) and Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe) in various public spaces and yards — even on terraces. The six-day-long festival will visit three cities in Transylvania, Nagykároly (Carei), Kolozsvár and Szatmárnémeti (Satu Mare), while strictly following the current epidemiological measures, the Shoshin Association announced in a press release.

“The first edition of KaravanAct was organized by Shoshin Theatre Association in 2015, aiming to rethink and revitalize the old theatrical tradition of traveling theaters and actors. KaravanAct festival wishes to become a living organism, to engage the audience in dialogue. Thus, it does not wait to be approached: It makes the first steps towards the public,” says the website of the Shoshin Association.

KaravanAct Pink People
At a previous edition of KaravanAct, pink people invaded the center of Kolozsvár

“The aim of KaravanAct is to sneak into streets, public spaces, often visited or even forgotten indoor or outdoor spaces, and fill all these places with theater, music, dance or singing in order to show that art belongs to everyone. That it may become and should become a part of our everyday life. That the home of theater – or any other form of art – is not only the house dedicated for it (theater, auditorium or gallery), as it may prevail anywhere, on any corner, square, yard, on anyone’s terrace, house, any building. In this way, art highlights, enriches, fills with content these spaces, puts them in focus,” the creators of KaravanAct, Enikő Györgyjakab and Csongor Köllő explained.

Teatr Biuro Podróży
Stilts, fire, searchlights, spectacular sets, and chilling music: the company of Teatr Biuro Podróży from Poland will perform a show that has been played in more than 50 countries and has won numerous awards. Photo: Shoshin Theater Association

According to them, in the current situation, this form of art became vital for all of us. “The spectators of KaravanAct are not only people who visit theaters regularly, but possibly anyone who is there, where the event takes place: any random passerby, including those who wouldn’t necessarily go to the theater because they can’t afford it or don’t know enough about it,” Köllő and Györgyjakab added. They also stressed that all of us are affected by the current situation; this is how they would like to help people, as KaravanAct is a festival for everyone and anyone. The organizers also underlined that all safety measures will be followed during the festival.

PYRO show
The PYRO show of the company Movement Theatre M Studio was inspired by circus traditions. Photo: Kristó Gothárd Tamás

The traveling festival will visit Nagykároly August 17-18; Kolozsvár, August 19-20; and Szatmárnémeti August 21-22. During the festival, theater lovers from the three cities my see the Carmen Funebre open-air production of the polish Teatr Biuro Podróży; the PYRO fire show of the Movement Theatre M Studio from Sepsiszentgyörgy; a production of the Shoshin Theater Association, Like father, like daughter by Háy János; and a concert by Fluidian.

All the events are free. For further information visit  www.shoshintheatre.com or www.facebook.com/karavanact.

Author: Orsi Sarány