Iohannis: the healthcare system cannot deal with two epidemics

As the cold season is approaching, people need to be more cautious, as the country cannot afford for the healthcare system to have to handle two epidemics – the coronavirus and the flu – at the same time, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

At the press event, held at Cotroceni Palace, the president stressed that a record number of daily coronavirus infections were registered on Wednesday; as many as 1,713 new cases were reported, and a significant number of deaths related to COVID-19 were also recorded.

“The pandemic is far from over. The gradual lifting of several restrictions, the resumption of certain activities, and, in parallel, the approach of the cold season, favorable to respiratory diseases and the flu, makes the whole situation even more sensitive. All of this is cause for concern and requires both the people and the authorities to be more cautious. In no way can we afford a situation where the healthcare system has to handle two epidemics – flu and coronavirus – at the same time,” the president said.

Iohannis also stressed the importance of being prudent and responsible, mentioning that social distancing, wearing masks and proper hand washing protects everyone from the coronavirus, flu or any other virus.

“I ask the school principals to turn to the school inspectorates and authorities without reservation if they need money in the new school year,” President Klaus Iohannis also said at the press conference, meaning that the schools can apply for additional staff, including health personnel, and for access to online educational materials and healthcare equipment. The president added that he had promulgated a law on Wednesday that lifts the ban on competitive examinations (a part of the recruitment and appointment process for jobs in the education system – ed. note) for vacant or temporarily vacant non-teaching positions.

According to the latest report of the Strategic Communication Group (GCS), the total number of people infected with coronavirus in Romania reached 108,690 on Thursday. From Wednesday to Thursday, 1,679 new cases were registered, and there were 27 fatalities, taking the death toll to 4,312.

Title image: Klaus Iohannis stressed the importance of a prudent and responsible attitude at the press conference. Photo: europafm.ro

Author: Orsi Sarány