Iohannis comes across as a hate-spewing robot, not a president for all

Hunor Kelemen, president of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (known by its Hungarian acronym RMDSZ), declared that Romania does not currently have an executive board and president capable of managing the country’s health and economic crisis.

“He does not look like a president who looks out for the interests of all, abut a robot that spreads hate in society. This is what he does, this is what he will keep on doing. Unfortunately, Romania does not have an executive board and president right now that can manage the health and economic crisis at all.”

The leader of the RMDSZ declared that he has read the “so-called statement of the so-called president,” and found that Iohannis has extremely few ideas, and even those are very inflexible.

“We continuously learn just how extraordinary his Government is,” Kelemen said sarcastically. “Since March until today, we find that the President and also the Government is looking for the guilty and those responsible. He does not have the courage and the capacity to assume the responsibility of governing,” he added.

Kelemen also expressed his surprise at the statements of Iohannis referring to the opposition and RMDSZ.

“As if we are walking around with viruses in our pockets and our bags and are trying to infect people. And the President, somewhere quiet and hidden, is fighting the Parliamentary opposition. I cannot understand him. The fact that after five to six months of governing, he is blaming the Opposition and does not have any idea [of what to blame] other than the autonomy of Szeklerland shows that he is not even able to handle one important issue in Romania.”

Iohannis accused the Social Democratic Party of delaying the entry into force of the new law on quarantine and self-isolation.

“This situation was not agreed on by the Social Democratic Party. The Government is doing its job, the president and the authorities have done their jobs. The Social Democratic Party looked for solutions suitable for them, not for Romanians. Unfortunately, they control the majority in Parliament; lets not forget the recent period when they tried to give autonomy to the so-called Szeklerland and so on. PSD took action where it still has power, in Parliament. They destroyed even the few legislations we had. With an unimaginable cynicism, they took their time in order that the new law not appear. After I criticized them, the Social Democratic Party got annoyed and accused me, saying that I am looking for delinquents. No, I am not looking for them. I know them and I will point my finger at them,” the president added.

Featured photo: (RMDSZ President Hunor Kelemen

Author: Blanka Székely