Hungarian vice-mayor of Kolozsvár reelected

Emese Oláh will execute her duties as vice-mayor of Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca for the next four years, the newly formed city council decided. The reelection of the current vice-mayor was suggested by mayor Emil Boc at the council meeting that took place after the city’s board of representatives took their oath. Out of the 25 councilmen, 20 voted for Emese Oláh.

The board also voted for the reelection of liberal vice-mayor Dan Ștefan Tarcea. Botond Csoma, the president of the Kolozsvár-Cluj County division of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (known by its Hungarian acronym of RMDSZ), pointed out: Emil Boc said that he “will not forget that eight years ago, the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania helped the Democratic Liberal Party to form a fragile majority in the local council. We agreed that we will continue this cooperation.”

“I received a mandate from the local council board for another four years as vice-mayor. I am much obliged, and I understand the responsibility that comes with this position. As a Hungarian vice-mayor, first of all, I will represent Hungarian matters in front of and mediate the claims of the Hungarian community with the Romanian leaders of the city. Besides the projects already initiated, the formation of livable districts, the extension of language rights and the implementation of social projects will take priority. Thank you for your trust!” declared Emese Oláh after taking his oath.

Presently, the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania has four members on the city council: Emese Oláh, Edina Fugel, Béla Gergely Rácz and Levente Zsolt Rácz. The city council consists of 27 members, but Valentin Cuibus, who was elected as a temporary representative of the Social Democratic Party, did not undertake his mandate as a member of the city council and for the time being, no one else has been appointed to take his place. Besides the four representatives of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, the National Liberal Party is represented by 16 councilmen; the Save Romania Union, 5; and the Social Democratic Party, 2.

Featured photo: Vice-Mayor Dan Stefan Tarcea, Vice-Mayor Emese Oláh, Mayor Emil Boc.

Author: Blanka Székely