Hungarian inscription on town sign smeared with paint

“Vandals have left us Hungarians a message,” reads the caption of a photo posted by Antal Kanyó, the deputy mayor of Nagyborosnyó (Boroșneu Mare, Gross-Weindorf), on his Facebook page. The picture was of the village sign, which, according to the maszol.ro news portal, had had its Hungarian inscription painted over.

“Shame on the one who did this to the name of our town! I will file a complaint at the police station against an unknown perpetrator,” noted the deputy mayor in his Facebook post. Kanyó suspects that the act of vandalism is  related to the upcoming municipal elections.

The village of Nagyborosnyó, located in the Háromszék region of Szeklerland, is 90 percent ethnic Hungarian. Its mayor is Ilie Nicolae, who won a mandate four years ago as a candidate for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE). Deputy mayor Kanyó is now running for the mayor’s office, thus as Nicolae’s opponent. Kanyó is the candidate for the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (known by its Hungarian acronym of RMDSZ). But he is also supported by the Transylvanian Hungarian Alliance, formed by the merger of two Transylvanian-Hungarian political parties that otherwise position themselves as alternatives to RMDSZ: the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania (EMNP) and the Hungarian Civic Party (MPP).

As deputy mayor Kanyó pointed out, just a few days ago, a carved, ornamental Szekler gate was built on his own initiative at one of the entrances to Nagyborosnyó. The current mayor was not invited to the ceremony, and his opponent suspects that defacing the town sign was in response to the inauguration of the Szekler gate.

Title image: The deputy mayor of Nagyborosnyó suspects that the act of vandalism was in response to a Szekler gate being built this past weekend at one of the entrances to the town

Image source: maszol.ro        

Author: Éva Zay