Hargita County to follow stronger epidemiological rules due to inobservance

Authorities in Hargita (Harghita) County are increasing epidemiological regulations because the number of infections has started to increase in all parts of the county.

“Discipline has been slack, and everybody can see that the epidemiological regulations are not being obeyed everywhere, while the number of confirmed coronavirus-infected people has been increasing countywide. There are no outbreaks anymore, but the virus is present everywhere,” said the spokesman of the Hargita County Prefecture Office, Adrian Pănescu, to szekelyhon.ro.

Similar to other parts of the country, authorities in Hargita County started the intensified control following a video conference with representatives from the interior and health ministries.

“The goal is not to fine people but to enforce the rules. First authorities warn, then, if it is necessary, they will fine, too.”

– the spokesman said.

According to Adrian Pănescu, one of the problems in Hargita County is that many people only put on their masks during an inspection; then, after stepping into the shop or getting on public transport, they take it off immediately. While in the markets, for example, in Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc), they do not even put them on at all.

“Authorities in the future will monitor mask-wearing and social distancing in shops, restaurants, markets and offices and on public transportation because it is essential to stop the increase in the number of cases,” said Adrian Pănescu.


Title image is an illustration. (Photo: Nándor Veres/szekelyhon.ro)



Author: Attila Szoó