Papal Visit

Green gift for the Pope and area map of the Csíksomlyó/ Șumuleu Ciuc papal Mass

Organizers updated the information about the papal visit in Csíksomlyó/Șumuleu Ciuc: it includes the map of the configured sectors, the program of the liturgy and the present intended for the pontiff. The Mass of the Holy Father will be translated to Hungarian and Romanian and will be read aloud. For this reason, the liturgy will last twenty minutes longer than planned.

Pastor Ede Csont, member of the coordinating team of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Gyulafehérvár/Alba-Iulia presented the division of sectors and areas used in the mountain saddle of Csíksomlyó/Șumuleu Ciuc during the Holy Mass. On the territory that is close to twenty hectares three great areas were delimited: the white zone will mark the part around the altar, in front of the altar priests and official guests will be seated and on the eastern part of the altar the place for the choir and the press tribune will be assigned.

Infographics; Szilárd Tóth

On the western part of the altar, on the part facing the city, a so-called grey sector is created for about 5,500 young and pupils. In the yellow zone 9 sectors are delimited: for the faithful of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Gyulafehérvár/Alba-Iulia and also for the international groups (except for the ones from Hungary) and for the pilgrims of the Bucharest diocese. There’s a place also for those not registered. In the red zone they delimited 7 sectors, among others in the part under the woods opposite the altar – that offers a great view of the Holy Mass. Here they expect the Hungarian parishes coming with the pilgrim trains and also the Transylvanian organizations. This is also the place for the ones registered individually (place for 35,000 people) and also for the ones not registered (there is a place for about 65,000 people).

So far altogether 110 pilgrims have registered for the Holy Mass held by Pope Francis. There will be projectors “so that everyone could participate in the papal Holy Mass” – the pastor shared.

The sound system will will be set up in a way that the liturgy will be heard well from everywhere. There will be many information points placed in the area, where people can also get water. Naturally everyone can bring their own water, this is recommended anyway, the pastor emphasized. There will also be ten places for Holy Communion. There will be two first-aid tents, one in the part closer to the city, the other on the eastern part of the saddle, and first-aid volunteers will be placed in all sectors, who – if needed – will be able to transport the ill to the tents. There will be 300 portable toilets altogether. The pilgrims coming by foot can reach the saddle from all directions.

The entrance tickets free of charge will be sent out between the 15th-20th of May for the ones who registered, member of the press commission Márta  Bodó informed. People registered individually will get the tickets by e-mail – the spam folder must also be checked. These tickets have to be printed. The group tickets will be sent out to the archdeacon centers.

Green gift for the Pope

Pope Francis will be given a symbolic gift. Based on the idea of Csilla Lázár and László Lövétei Lázár the Alliance of the Csík/Ciuc Communal Ownership offers the Afforestation Program of the year 2019 for the Pope on this occasion during which a 122 hectar territory of wood was afforested with the planting of more than 640 saplings. They also request the parishes to plant one pine tree on their parochial territory also as a symbolic gift for the Pope. They also request the communities, the pilgrims to send a short report of their initiatives, benevolent acts together with pictures to the e-mail address. These also will be summarized and given to the pontiff as a symbolic gift.

In Szászrégen/Reghin the production of the chairs on which the Pope visiting Romania and his entourage will be seated in the Saint Joseph Cathedral in Bucharest. The managing director coming from a Greek-Catholic family said that this order is a great honor for them.


Title image: Vatican News

Author: Blanka Székely