Government to allocate EUR 3.6 billion to the Educated Romania project

The government has decided to implement an educational reform program called Educated Romania. According to the memorandum, the project seeks to achieve the amelioration, modernization, and comprehensive reform of the Romanian educational system.

The 137-page report on the project says Romania is looking to catch up to the requirements of 21st century society and the current labor market. The educational reform program was made part of the medium-term national defense strategy because this is what the future and competitiveness of the country depend on.

The project has several objectives, such as decreasing the early dropout rate and the number of functional illiterates, as well as increasing the number of students with digital competencies.

By 2030, the government wants to achieve that 85% of all professors and students finishing 8th grade have basic digital competencies.

A sum of EUR 3.6 billion (RON 17.74 billion) will be allocated to the Educated Romania project from the National Recovery Plan; from further European funds, the government will tag EUR 400 million for the renovation of school buildings and the building of new schools and nurseries.

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Author: Blanka Székely