Franciscan monk Csaba Böjte has been cured of COVID-19

Ethnic Hungarian Franciscan monk Csaba Böjte (61) was cured of his coronavirus infection and released from the Szent László (Saint Ladislaus) hospital in Budapest on Monday, reported the kronikaonline.ro news portal.

The leader of the Saint Francis Foundation based in Déva (Deva) had been hospitalized for more than 10 days. He posted a video message on Facebook, which he recorded when leaving the hospital, saying that he is praying with a loving and thankful heart for all the medical personnel and patients being treated there. He thanked God that the doctors declared him cured and noted that he is feeling healthy and well, “with a blessed peace in my body.”

Böjte recounted that he had experienced the first symptoms of coronavirus on November 13 and then tested positive for the infection on November 16. On November 18, he was transported to the Szent László hospital in Budapest for treatment.

The Franciscan monk is a prominent figure of Transylvanian social and ecclesiastical life. The Saint Francis Foundation he established in 1992 manages a nationwide network of orphanages that provide housing and education for 2,500 children from poor socioeconomic backgrounds. Many respect and admire Böjte for his relentless work as a humanitarian, priest and author. His book entitled Böjte Csaba Füveskönyve (The Herbarium of Böjte Csaba) was published recently. In this work, Böjte outlines the Christian values important to him and drafts several thoughts on how one might lead a fulfilled and happy life guided by these values. In fact, his friends were waiting for him at the hospital’s gate with an edition of his book as a welcome-home present, kronikaonline.ro wrote.

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Title image: When leaving the hospital, the Franciscan monk thanked everyone who had prayed for him

Source: Krónika/Böjte Csaba Facebook


Author: Éva Zay