Football manager hits coach after match

Players’ football manager Anamaria Prodan delivered a powerful slap to Astra Giurgiu manager Dan Alexa after the team’s home match against FC Botoșani. Such events normally won’t make it onto the news circuit, but the slap was caught on camera by sport.ro. And – just like the match – the slap was a first league one.

Asked about the incident, Alexa replied to journalists that they better ask him about the match, while Prodan jokingly said she couldn’t have Simona Halep get all the media attention. (On Saturday Romanian Simona Halep beat Venus Williams in the women’s singles final in Wimbledon in two straight sets 6-2, 6-2.)

Media speculated that two were having a lovers’quarrel. Coach Alexa is divorced, but Prodan is married and her husband is currently working in the United Arab Emirates.

The match otherwise ended with a 2-2 draw.

Author: Dénes Albert