Fierce weather and flood alerts in Romania

More than two-thirds of Romania is currently experiencing thunderstorms and endangered by flash floods. On Tuesday morning, the National Meteorological Institute issued a severe weather alert and storm warning valid until Wednesday night. Furthermore, the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management announced two Code Red (highest level) flood warnings for rivers in the eastern Transylvanian counties of Kovászna (Covasna), Hargita (Harghita) and Brassó (Braşov) and in the county of Botoşani, located in eastern Romania.

Hydrologists warn that the abundant rainfall of the past day and the quantity of precipitation expected in the coming hours will continue to cause flash floods, as the levels of streams, creeks and rivers rise significantly. The flood risk was considered to be especially high on Tuesday at the river basin of the Homoród and the Kormos creek, an affluent of the river Olt. If these waters overflow their banks, several parts of Kovászna, Hargita and Brassó counties will be affected. In Botoşani County, the level of the Işnovăţ, an affluent of the river Prut, is believed to be dangerously high.

According to the National Meteorological Institute, from Tuesday morning until Wednesday night, heavy rainfall, windstorms, thunderstorms and even hail is expected in the region of Transylvania, Maramureş, Moldova, Oltenia and Dobrogea. The quantity of precipitation will exceed 40 liters per square meter, while in smaller areas it could exceed 50-80 liters.

The alert regarding atmospheric instability is also valid for Bucharest and 13 counties located in the southern and western parts of Romania.

Title image: By Tuesday, several streets of the Transylvanian city of Nagyenyed (Aiud) and the railway tracks were completely flooded after torrential rainfall.

Source: aiudinfo.ro

Author: Éva Zay