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Feketetó/Negreni – Transylvania’s largest antiques and folk fair

The fair with a tradition of two centuries is held each fall on the second weekend of October, on the banks of the Sebes-Kőrös/Crișul Repede river, in Feketetó/Negreni.

Transylvanian Antiques and More

The event with visitors from Hungary and from all Europe is an antique lovers’ heaven, offering a wide variety of folk costumes, woven fabric, books, furniture, tools, paintings and old instruments anyone can find a treasure.

With its astonishingly beautiful surrounding nature and woods all around painted in all the imaginable colors of the fall, Feketetó is a truly inspiring place for the soul. While rummaging through the ever surprising merchandise, one can find a huge variety of dolls. Always.

Dolls at Feketetó fair

Dolls are the brand image of Feketetó fair.

Clothing Stands Sprawling Out

Used footwear and clothes as far as one can see. Prices get friendlier towards the weekend days of the fair.
Traditional Transylvanian Folk Costumes
Traditional Transylvanian folk costumes

Mirror Shot of Hungarian Women

Mirror, mirror

Kitch Portraits and Shoes

Assorted kitch and Chinese sneakers

Author: Blanka Székely