Father rights leader arrested for raping stepdaughter

Police has arrested Bogdan Drăghici, the President of the Anti-discrimination Alliance of All Dads, an NGO fighting against the discrimination of fathers, under the charges of raping his underage stepdaughter..

Bucharest prosecutors arrested the president of the NGO who is also suspected to have raped and assaulted other minors as well.

Drăghici, father of several children, stands accused by his own wife. The woman said the assaults happened between 2013 and 2016, and started when her daughter was only 10 years old.

The Anti-discrimination Alliance of All Dads, T.A.T.A. (father in Romanian) is an NGO that has been fighting for equal rights between fathers and mothers in the family. For example, they have fought for the establishment of Father’s Day in Romania. As Digi24 reports, Bogdan Drăghici became popular 10 years ago due to a campaign in which he advocated for fathers to be allowed to stay with their children in hospitals, just like mothers.

Title image: Bogdan Drăghici, President of the Anti-discrimination Alliance of All Dads. Photo: Digi24/Agerpres

Author: Orsi Sarány