Euronews Travel promotes Máramaros region on Instagram

Euronews Travel posted an Instagram video a couple of days ago, recommending that travelers explore the natural and architectural beauties of Romania’s northwestern Máramaros (Maramureş) region, wrote the ziare.com news portal.

“The small villages may look like they belong in fairy tales, but they’re real-life places. Romania’s remote northwestern region of Maramureş has a unique architectural style, where tall, tower-like wooden churches with shingled roofs dot the landscape,” points out the travel journalist in the Instagram video. Several churches in Máramaros are 400 years old, built using local oak, and are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, emphasizes the post.

The wooden churches of Máramaros belong to the Orthodox and occasionally Greek-Catholic denominations. Most of them are quite tall constructions, with distinctive, slim bell towers on their western side. But the title of Euronews Travel’s post is “Discover the unique gothic churches in the remote region of Maramureş.” The wooden churches of Máramaros indeed have a typical, region-specific architecture, but they are not in fact Gothic-style churches. Those still standing were mostly built starting in the second part of the 17th century. Nevertheless, Máramaros is considered to be a great travel destination, as many of its villages are located in beautiful, unspoiled mountainous landscapes, with many inhabitants living a traditional lifestyle and dressing every day in the region’s colorful, embroidered garments.

Title image: The wooden churches in Maramureş have a typical, region-specific architecture
Source: allaboutworldheritage.com

Author: Éva Zay