Dancă: People can sunbathe at the beach without renting sunbeds

People visiting the Black Sea this summer will be allowed to sunbathe without using a sunbed, according to a new decision of the government adopted at a meeting on Thursday evening. Ionel Dancă, the leader of the Prime Minister’s Office, also announced that the home isolation for people returning to the country from abroad may be eliminated.

After the introduction of strict safety measures, the Romanian beaches opened on June 1. According to the original regulation, people were allowed only to use sunbeds at the beach, placed at least two meters apart to maintain the necessary distance from each other. But the Government decided on Thursday to ease these measures, so Romanians or tourists will be able to go to the beach without having to rent sunbeds.

“Access to the beach should be allowed for people who are not able to go to beaches with sunbeds [or] for those who prefer to sunbathe next to the sea without sunbeds. Those persons will still have to follow the same rules as those renting sunbeds,” Ionel Dancă said.

He also announced that depending on the evolution of the pandemic, Romanians may no longer have to isolate at home upon returning from certain countries.

“Exceptions will be made, and some people will be obliged to comply with the measure of home isolation. But the possibility exists that in some cases these conditions may be relaxed and citizens returning to Romania from certain countries will not be obliged to go into home isolation,” Dancă explained.

Two of these countries may be Greece and Bulgaria, as the number of COVID patients has dropped in both countries and both have already eased some restrictions.

Title image: Some people prefer to sunbathe without having to rent a sunbed. Photo: digifm.ro

Author: Orsi Sarány