Csíksomlyó hosts the summer camp of German minorities

For almost two weeks 80 teenagers will move to Csíksomlyó/Şumuleu Ciuc, as it hosts the annual summer camp of German minorities. It is the sixth edition of this international summer camp, where German ethnic teenagers from different countries gather together to exchange experiences, and to develop their German language skills. This year’s edition started on Tuesday with the participation of 80 teenagers from 11 different countries.

German ethnic youngsters from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Hungary and Kyrgyzstan arrived to Csíksomlyó on Tuesday to attend the summer camp of German minorities, local news portal Szé reported. The portal interviewed Nicoriuc Beatrice, a pedagogical responsible of the event, who said that the camp is organized in a different country every year. This edition is organized by the Goethe Institute of Bucharest, the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA), Democratic Forum of Romanian Germans and the Youth Association of Romanian Germans (ADJ) at the Jakab Antal House of Csíksomlyó. 

Nicoriuc Beatrice underlined, it is not the first time that the Goethe Institute chooses this location for an events, the members of the institute really like the multicultural aspect of Csíksomlyó. They taught it would be the perfect location for this international camp, as it represents the nature of the event. 

In the camp the participants not only develop their language skills, but they discuss in different workshops relevant European topics, such as multiculturalism, acceptance or European values. At the end of the camp, on August 11th the participants will present the result of their work.

Title image: The Jakab Antal House and Csíksomlyó represents the values of the camp.

Author: Orsi Sarány