COVID-19 hotspot on motorway construction site

A coronavirus hotspot has emerged at the construction site of the Szászsebes–Torda (Sebeș-Turda) motorway, near Pârâul Iovului. As alba24.ro reported, eight workers, all from different counties, tested positive for coronavirus.

According to the sources of alba24.ro, one of the workers had several symptoms, so he was tested. Later, several other workers were also tested; all of them were infected with COVID-19. The workers are from different counties — Brassó (Brașov), Kolozs (Cluj) and Beszterce–Naszód (Bistrița-Năsăud) — and were sent back to the counties they live in.

According to the latest report of the Strategic Communication Group (GCS), the total number of persons infected with coronavirus in Romania reached 72,208 on Tuesday. From Monday to Tuesday, 1,014 new cases were registered, and there have been 45 fatalities, taking the death toll to 3,074. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 33,135 patients have fully recovered, while 8,316 asymptomatic patients have been discharged from the hospital.

The A10 motorway, also known as the Szászsebes–Torda motorway, is a 70-kilometer-long, partially built motorway in the central-western part of Romania. Once completed, it will connect the A1 (South Transylvania Motorway) with the A3 (North Transylvania Motorway), providing access to Gyulafehérvár (Alba Iulia) and Nagyenyed (Aiud).

Title image: Once completed, the A10 motorway will connect North and South Transylvania. Photo: economica.net

Author: Orsi Sarány