Court orders removal of Szekler-themed banners in Csíkszereda

The local court in Csíszereda/Miercurea Ciuc ordered the removal of three Hungarian-themed banners from the the city council meeting room, local news portal Székelyhon reports.

The three roll-up banners are exhibition pieces, one of them depicting the Transylvanian figures of the 1956 anti-Communist uprising in Hungary, themes from the founding document of the city and the Szekler flag. The court case was launched by a civic organisation led by Romanian journalist Dan Tanasă on the grounds that “the mayor of Csíkszereda resorted to trickery to display banned symbols in a public institution of Romania”.

Deputy mayor Zoltán Füleki said that the mentioned banners are not flags – as he pointed out in court – but the decision did not take into account their defense. Previously the same court ordered the removal of the Szekler and city flag from both the City Hall and the Cultural Center buildings and also the removal of the Hungarian “Town Hall” (Városháza) inscription.

Füleki said they plan to appeal the decision once the court has supplied its argument for the ruling.


Title image: szekelyhon.ro

Author: Dénes Albert