Coronavirus fears mount: protective gear is used for shopping

As the new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases grow by the dozens daily in Romania, fears of getting infected are mounting considerably. Some are taking the threat of the pandemic rather seriously. For example, on Monday a customer was photographed in a Temesvár (Timişoara) supermarket dressed in a full-body protective suit.

The photo eloquently illustrates that the client went out to shop only after taking all possible precautions to protect himself against the virus: He not only wore a mask but an entire garment that looked like a hazmat suit. The image was captured by one of the readers of tion.ro news portal, who then sent it to the site’s editors. The news portal encourages people to send in their photos of events or sightings they believe to be newsworthy.

According to the data published by the Strategic Group of Communications, 217 cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Romania as of Tuesday afternoon – 33 new cases within 24 hours. Four of the infected are being treated in intensive care, and 19 have been released from the hospital so far.

There are 3,373 people in institutional quarantine in the country and 18,965 in home isolation. Up until Tuesday, a total of 4,150 tests had been taken of which 3,928 turned out to be negative. Exams of samples collected are being carried out in eight medical centers located in Bucureşti, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Temesvár, Craiova, Iaşi and Constanţa.

Title image: A customer wore a hazmat-like suit to protect himself from the virus

Source: tion.ro

Author: Éva Zay