Coronavirus death toll reaches 1,016

Fourteen more people infected with the novel coronavirus have died, bringing the COVID-19 death toll to 1,016, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) announced on Wednesday, May 13.

Yesterday morning, the communication group reported the deaths of three women and two men from Dâmbovița, Kovászna (Covasna), Kolozs (Cluj) and Prahova counties. Later, the GCS announced that nine more people infected with the virus had died as well, three women and six men from Vaslui, Iași, Bákó (Bacău), Bihar (Bihor) and Suceava counties. One of the victims was only 23 years old.

According to a report by the National Centre for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases with the National Institute of Public Health, 89.3 percent of people infected with the novel coronavirus in Romania who have died had at least one other underlying condition. The report also shows that 76.6 percent of those who have died and were infected with the virus were over the age of 60. The rate of men who have died is also higher, 60.8 percent.

On May 13, the number of confirmed infections in Romania reached 16,002; however, in the previous 24 hours, only 224 new cases were reported, so the number of active cases is decreasing. According to the latest data, 7,961 people have fully recovered, and 228 patients are being treated in intensive care units.

Title image: The number of active cases is decreasing in the country. Photo: Gettyimages

Author: Orsi Sarány