Constructions in Cluj-Napoca on an interactive map

On the official site of the Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca City Hall, you can find the application named GIS by clicking on the “HOME” window. Here, information has been made accessible for those interested in the investments taking place in the city, as well as the regulations related to the plans.

With the GIS system, one of the promises made last year by Mayor Emil Boc came true: All the urban planning data valid from May 2014 are now accessible in the new information database, so anyone can browse through the construction licenses and spatial planning documents issued since then. The mayor also explained that from 2022, they would like to completely digitalize the issuing mechanism of the urban planning certificates.

The leader of the urban planning department of Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca, Andreea Mureșan, presented all the information that is currently available. The architect stated that right now, the urban planning provisions regarding the plots and the approved plans can be viewed on the app, along with the purpose of their issuance.

The decisions, the opinion of the main architect and the drafts of the urban planning regulations are also attached to all urban planning documentation, plus the connecting decrees. The map contains the suggested routes for the urban area, including the recommended metro route.

To best understand the interactive map, you should use the “MANUAL” button on the right where detailed information is published about the meanings of the different signs.

Featured photo: romania594blogspot.com

Author: Blanka Székely