Confirmed: first Romanian has coronavirus

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that a Romanian citizen is infected with the coronavirus. The patient is not currently on Romanian territory but was a passenger of the ocean liner Diamond Princess, presently under quarantine off the coast of Japan.

The vessel is carrying 3,700 passengers, 17 of which are Romanian citizens. According to the report, Romania’s embassy in Tokyo was informed of the situation by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The patient was transported from the ocean liner to a special medical institution treating patients infected with the virus.

Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in constant contact with the patient and is also being updated about his treatment. The government also reported that they are in contact with all of the other Romanian citizens who are presently on the cruise ship. Two of them are passengers, while fifteen of them are members of the staff. The Romanian patient infected with the virus had been helping with the medical inspection of passengers in the last few weeks and is reported to have been wearing protective equipment throughout this time.

In the meantime, there is a coronavirus panic in Marosvásárhely/Târgu-Mureș, as a group of parents at the George Coșbuc General School fear that one mother, who has just returned from China, may be infected. They are asking that the child of the mother be placed in quarantine and request that the child not be allowed to return to school until doctors demonstrate that he and his mother do not carry the virus. Furthermore, the parents would like the relatives and neighbors of the mother in question to be placed in a two-week quarantine.

Claudiu Bândilă, leader of the Maros/Mureș County school inspectorate, declared that, per the regulation of the Ministry of Health, the mother will move into obligatory quarantine, but the child has the right to learn and thus cannot be forbidden from going to school. The Health Directorate of Maros/Mureș County communicated that there will now be daily screenings for the virus at the school and necessary measures will be taken in case any suspicious symptoms are detected.

According to NBC News and the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 60,000 people have fallen ill with the coronavirus in 27 countries and 1,367 have died from it since the beginning of January.


Photo credit: DailyMail.co.uk


Author: Blanka Székely