Mayor adviser to police:”Does your wife know you’re f*cking, not working?”

Everybody knows them: People who know everything – or at least that’s what they believe. When you are in a private conversation, you know. However, when you feed such a know-it-all, money-sucker from public money, his “knowledge,” or to be more precise his ego, grows beyond limits, especially when he likes the taste of being above the law. Sergiu Claudiu Maior, former deputy mayor of Marosvásárhely / Târgu Mureș, is such a figure. Maior lost the right to hold public office for three years due to incompatibility with his position, established by the National Integrity Agency (ANI). He has, however, found a way to defy the law and, ever since, has been enforcing his views and values on authorities subordinate to City Hall. And he’s been doing this using physical aggression and explicit language.

We wouldn’t have said a thing if Maior’s “speech” had been during a private discussion with friends or family. However, when you are speaking to the local police using explicit language, and you are enforcing your own ego (and benefits) and encouraging physical aggression by police officers, questions arise about the compatibility of such a person with the high-profile position he occupies and about such a person being paid from public money.

So, the story is: Maior, a know-it-all paid well from public money, joined an operations meeting of the local police to show off his distinctive rhetorical skills, forgetting that he is speaking in an official meeting, not a private discussion.

He spoke uninterrupted for about 20 minutes, according to sources of MSNews, a local online publication, but we have picked only the gems to show how highly educated this high-profile know-it-all is: “Does your wife know you are f*cking, not working? Of course, she knows. Because she knows that Maior will f*ck you; the mayor will f*ck you!”

He also explained how local police should treat the beggars they encounter at cemeteries: “I would break their heads if I were you.”

But that wasn’t enough. After he saw that one employee of the mayor’s office had liked a Facebook post of Zoltán Soós (the candidate for next year’s mayoral elections), criticizing Mayor Florea and his work, he got angry and outlined homework for all employees: to defend them when they are exposed. Also, he demanded that local police employees like the mayor’s office’s and his own profile’s posts.

If you speak Romanian, you can listen to the fragments of the 20-minute-long speech below. The audio recording was shared by Dan Masca, the president of the Free People Party (POL) on his personal Facebook page.

Claudiu Maior’s background story

In order to understand Maior’s story, here is a little bit of background: Prosecutors from the National Anticorruption Directorare (DNA) filed a lawsuit against Marosvásárhely Mayor Dorin Florea for complicity to usurp official functions. Florea is accused of creating the premises for Claudiu Maior – a former taxi driver who was deputy mayor at the time – to be able to sign documents despite there being a court order forbidding him to perform this activity.

Prosecutors say that former Deputy Mayor Claudiu Maior, who was the mayor’s adviser at this time, signed more than 9,000 payment orders issued by the Marosvásárhely Mayor’s office between early March 2016 and the end of June 2017, despite there being a court order forbidding him to sign such documents. The ban was the result of the incompatibility found by the National Integrity Agency (ANI) and confirmed by the court in March 2016. Due to this ruling, Maior has lost the right to take any role in public office for three years.

However, he has found a workaround: He resigned from the position of deputy mayor and local councilor and got appointed by the city mayor as his adviser, allowing him to continue the illegal activities.

Title image: Claudiu Maior, Târgu Mureș Mayor Dorin Florea’s adviser. Image source: Maior’s official Facebook page

Author: István Fekete