City Hall employees watching too much Netflix now have limited internet

Not long ago, it was discovered that employees at Slobozia City Hall were using Netflix a lot during their working hours, as well as hanging out for hours on various community pages.

For this reason Mayor Dragoș Soare decided that he will limit access to pages that have nothing to do with work. “We decided that we will take away all those hobby activities that have nothing to do with work. We limited access to all sites not related to work. There may be some who do not like this, but they have to understand that we have to help citizens at a time when they need help. They cannot postpone a request, saying they are not in the mood to deal with it because they have to watch what colleagues are sharing on community pages or watch a series on Netflix,” said the mayor, adding that whoever does not understand this will be fired.

Featured image: romaniamama

Author: Blanka Székely