Ciorogârla locals nervously await at least one successful Baccalaureate exam this year

The Pamfil Șeicaru high school in Ciorogârla, Ilfov County – just 18 kilometers away from Bucharest – is one of the weakest schools in the country, with zero students passing the Baccalaureate exam last year (via Libertatea).

As the milestone exam session is over for this year, all eyes are now on the Ministry of Education’s website. The whole settlement is nervously hoping for at least one successful exam; otherwise, the technical school will be closed and both pupils and adults will lose the opportunity to obtain their diploma.

The area is composed of two villages, Ciorogârla and Dârvari. The Ciorogârla River flows through this location; its name, of Slavic origin, means “murky stream.”

Each year about 200 students finish the twelfth grade at the Pamfil Șeicaru technical high school, learning professions such as tourism technician, economics, transportation, and car electrician.

However, only 56 students showed up at the Baccalaureate exams in 2019, and out of those, only 37 were fresh graduates, while 19 had already finished school in earlier years. None of them managed to obtain their Baccalaureate diploma.

If history repeats itself this year, the risk of the technical school closing is high, as former Minister of Education Daniel Breaz issued a bill prohibiting high schools from starting any new ninth-grade classes the next academic year if none of their students obtain their Baccalaureate diploma in the current academic year. However, if just one student passes the exam, they can proceed.

Now, it remains to be seen whether or not the former students at the Pamfil Șeicaru will succeed this year. It will be very challenging to obtain an average score of at least 6.00, and at least 5.00 in each of the individual exams if we consider that the average passing score of the high school’s students was just slightly above 2. This compares with high-profile high schools where the passing score sometimes doesn’t fall below 9.50.

Title image: Students gather in front of the Pamfil Șeicaru technical high school in Ciorogârla, Ilfov County. Photo: Libertatea.ro

Author: István Fekete