Busted: Sports minister in undies during online interview

Sports Minister Ionuț Stroe had some bad luck during a recent online TV interview: He was caught wearing only a shirt and undies. While commenting on current sports events, a small incident occurred when his camera fell forwards, pointing downwards and showing his lack of pants. He had probably thought that pants wouldn’t be necessary because they wouldn’t be visible on TV, so why bother? The anchorman of the live TV show Pro-X made a pretty funny face when Stroe’s underwear was exposed, but then they both pretended like nothing had happened and continued the conversation.

Stroe reacted on Facebook after the incident had already been massively shared on social platforms. He posted a photo of how he’d been dressed at the time of the interview with the message: “On Sunday mornings, the outfits are more ‘sportive’ even when one gives an interview.”

“I have no problem with having gone viral, and I know that all the people who will jump to criticize wear ski pants and shoes at home,” he wrote.

Stroe’s case is not unique. Many public people, including reporters and their family members, have been caught in various embarrassing situations during their online interviews over the past few weeks as most activities moved online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For example, an American reporter was busted during a live show wearing a jacket but no pants. After that video went viral, the ABC reporter noted that he had at least been wearing shorts.

Everyone who’s recently been forced to work online can draw some valuable lessons from these incidents, as well as have a good laugh.

Featured photo: Sports Minister Ionuț Stroe ( Ionuț Stroe’s Facebook page)

Author: Blanka Székely