Businessman pledges free meals for Romanian emergency workers

“Until the ovens crack!” With this motto, businessman Ștefan Mandachi, born in Suceava and known as the builder of Romania’s one-meter-long highway, is offering free meals to those saving lives. Mandachi owns hotels as well as the Spartan chain of restaurants and announced that he’s making the offer to medical staff, policemen, gendarmes and all the saviors working right now to fight against COVID-19. “There is no limit!!!,” he said.

In truth, Mandachi’s official answer as to a limit on his offer was: “Until the ovens crack! So the cracking of the ovens is the limit (and also if the power goes off). Food, including delivery, is free for the police, Public Health District Authority, hospitals ambulances, firemen, SMURD (Romania’s emergency response service).

“I am calling on all the institutions to demand meals from us without any trouble! (We have much greater losses in other fields, not here). So thank God, this will not impoverish us for now!” Mandachi wrote on his Facebook page.

The businessman says, that “as long as my people hang on and come to work in Suceava, we will produce and deliver WITH PLEASURE to doctors and military personnel, those fighting on the first line of defense.”

“I will cling onto all those Spartan employees, that hang on and still deliver. I will stick to the firm … (of course with their consent,) even if all my restaurants close down … we will adapt. And they will be awarded for their courage! I consider my employees, fighting and working right now, to be heroes. (…) I am thanking all of the employees in the Spartan, Mandachi, Hercule network, that stay home! I am proud of you, that you follow the rules! I am in contact with some of them, some 16 hours daily. They are also in the first line of defense!” Ștefan Mandachi wrote.

Recently, the businessman from Suceava also announced that he is also offering his hotel for medical staff, policemen and gendarmes who have interacted with people infected or suspected of being infected with the coronavirus.

Featured photo: Stefan Mandachi Facebook page


Author: Blanka Székely