Brown bears visit a hospital during the pandemic [VIDEO]

We can tell our grandchildren: It was such a pandemic that even bears went to the hospital. They probably wanted to see what all the hype is about around the building these days.

In Azuga, the resort town in Prahova County, no one is surprised when bears walk on the sidewalks or in the middle of the main road, but nobody expected that one day they would walk into the inner courtyard of the hospital to check out the buzz over there.

The mother bear and her cubs never did get examined and tested for COVID-19, nor did they find any food; so they nonchalantly trotted away, accompanied by a barking chorus from the dogs living at the hospital.

The episode was filmed and posted on social networks.

According to Prahova News, these animals are frequent visitors to the mountain resort towns in Prahova Valley. They walk among the tourists and look for food in the dumpsters.

“Romania has the greatest number of brown bears in Europe, and we are proud of this fact, but there is no control of the evolution of their population in the country. All the figures that we have right now are mere estimates of how often brown bears appear in the forests. We have 30 counties where brown bears exist. Nevertheless, we are missing a map of communities in Romania that are the most vulnerable to attacks by the big carnivores. Only an elaborate study could be in line with correct environment politics and reconcile the two objectives: protecting the species and also the security of the population. We are starting a complex study regarding this. One that would give answers to many of our questions and also to those who are fans of the species,” notes a communique of the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, without giving further details on the study.

Featured image: Observatorul Prahovean

Author: Blanka Székely