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Britain opens commerce chamber in Temesvár

Great Britain may have left the European Union, but it will remain in Europe – ambassador Paul Brummel said in Temesvár/Timișoara at the opening of the second regional office of the British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC). During the opening ceremony the BRCC and the Timiș county Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAT) also signed a cooperation agreement. BRCC opened its first Romanian regional office in Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca in 2016.

Brummel said at the opening that there are over 100 British companies with operations in Timiș county but he expects more to come, especially in the IT sector. He also reassured the locals that after Brexit Romanians can continue to work in the U.K. Many Romanians work in the U.K., mainly in constructions and agriculture, but there are also 2,000 Romanian doctors employed there. Brummel also said that a further proof that the two countries’ relations are strong is that London is the most popular flight destination from the Temesvár international airport.

The BRCC office will be located in a building of historic importance to the city, the so-called “House with the Iron Axle”, which incorporates the axle of the battle wagon of Prince Eugene of Savoy who liberated Temesvár in 1716, ending two centuries of Turkish occupation.


Title image, left to right: BRCC President Colin Lovering, CCIAT executive manager Florica Chiriţă and British ambassador to Bucharest Paul Brummel. (Picture: Zoltán Pataki)

Author: Dénes Albert