Better late than never: High-profile PNL politician may get his Baccalaureate this year

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this year’s Baccalaureate exams have started under special conditions, with 155,000 students looking to obtain their diplomas for finishing high school. Out of this total, 31,000 already finished high school in a previous year, as is the case with the vice-president of Vrancea County’s liberal party, who, at the golden age of 42, has decided to give the exams another shot and receive his diploma.

We don’t know if or how many times Daniel Moroşanu has tried before to obtain his Baccalaureate diploma, but it seems he’s among those who mature late. According to Főtér’s  sources, Moroşanu trained as a car mechanic as a student in the 1990s.

Moroşanu is not the only politician without a Baccalaureate diploma. Martin Schultz, for example, has already shown us that you can lead a whole continent (or the united part) without a diploma, even though he did finish high school. And Schultz is just one of many examples. Let’s hope Moroşanu will become an exception.

Update: He failed.

Title image: Daniel Moroşanu (left) and Prime Minister Ludovic Orban (right). Image source: Facebook

Author: István Fekete