Bear visits Transylvanian store

The gendarmes of Hargita/Harghita County intervened on Sunday night and Monday morning to remove a couple of bears in Tusnádfürdő/Băile Tușnad resort. In one case, a female bear walked into a local store in search of food.

The press office of the Gendarme County Inspectorate of Harghita said that they received four calls in 12 hours from the 112 emergency number, reporting the presence of bears in the resort.

The first call announced that a bear and three cubs entered a store in the resort. Per the information reported by the woman who called the emergency number, the female bear was attracted to food in the store.

A gendarme team was immediately sent to the region. Until their arrival, a Montana gendarme intervened from the Tusnad post and succeeded in removing the bear.

In less than an hour, a second call was received from a man saying a bear was in the center of the resort. Gendarmes patrolling the area removed this bear as well.

At the same time, the female bear returned to the resort and tried again to go into the store; she was removed again.

Close to midnight, a third call was received from a woman reporting the presence of a bear at a dumpster; the animal was chased off into the woods.

On Monday morning, around 3 o’clock, a fourth call was received. A man said a female bear with three cubs was standing in front of his garage. They were also chased off. The gendarme team then stayed in the area to make sure the bears didn’t come back.

The gendarmes reminded people that if anyone witnesses a similar  situation, they should call 112 and do not try to intervene themselves, They also advise people not to feed the animals, only leave trash in closed containers and not to get close to the bears so as to to film them or take pictures of them.


Featured photo: Pixabay 

Author: Blanka Székely