Bagossy Brothers supports the building of a Hungarian School for the Blind

The band consisting of members from Gyergyószentmiklós/Gheorgheni contributes with the whole income of the adaptation of their song Van egy ház/There’s a house to the fundraising of the Association for the Hungarian Visually Impaired from Transylvania which has as purpose the restarting of the School of the Blind and the Visually Impaired in Székelyudvarhely, which ceased to function 101 years ago. The project also includes a creation of an Adult Rehabilitation Center.

The Hungarian government through the Bethlen Gábor Fund Manager would support the school building project with HUF 500 million but the total costs of the investment would be of about EUR 4,5 million so the Association started a fundraising campaign in January. To this joined the popular band from Szeklerland, Bagossy Brothers Company.

There are seven special schools in Romania right now but the language of teaching is Romanian in all of them. Only in the institution in Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca there are optional subjects, where kids can learn also in Hungarian. According to the survey of the association there are 193 Hungarian Visually Impaired children in Szeklerland (Harghita, Kovászna and Maros counties) and only 13 of them learn in special schools, all the rest attend the integrated education system.

Featured photo: origo.hu

Author: Blanka Székely