Attila László: The president should stay silent

Senator Attila László holds President Klaus Iohannis responsible for the mass resignation of Romania’s medical staff. The Senator of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, known by its Hungarian acronym of RMDSZ, declared that Iohannis knew that the medical staff could be in a difficult situation yet did nothing. The senator also criticized those doctors who, by resigning, abandoned their patients and blamed both the directors of medical institutions and the Ministry of Health for not supplying proper protective gear as well as continuous testing for medical staff who come in direct contact with possibly infected patients.

“For this reason I would not like to generalize, but I think that we have to see what the situation is in each, individual institution; what are the required measures to be taken so that those who became infected can leave if they don’t have any symptoms and also monitor their own medical condition and receive the required medical treatment in case they show serious symptoms,” the senator stated.

Attila László explained that he cannot accept that some doctors in the country abandoned the sick in the hospital and simply left. “I am saying this as a doctor that I cannot accept this; no one can be that irresponsible to consider only his interest, especially if he has chosen this profession,” the senator declared. He also reacted to the fact that President Klaus Iohannis promised that protective gear will arrive soon and the training of the medical workers will also begin.

“I am sorry, but I am not really interested in what the president has to say, everyone should stay in his own profession and mind his own business. The training of the workers should have happened a long time ago, and he is primarily responsible for this because he knew what was to be expected and what phenomenon would take place in the country since January 21, and nonetheless he did nothing. So I think, right now, the smartest thing that he can do is to stay silent,” the senator stated.

Attila László added that in an emergency situation, the resignation of medical workers can be forbidden by way of a military ordinance. “As insensible as my statement may appear, in my opinion, in a couple of weeks, we will be in a situation on a national level where departments will cease to exist and everyone will concentrate on helping out in the handling of possible serious cases regardless of their specialty. This is what’s happening in Lombardia, and we would like to avoid it here. Whether we succeed or not, I couldn’t say right now,” Attila László declared.

“Those colleagues who do not work in the emergency care but in the consulting rooms are backup. So we can turn to them in case their work will be needed.” – Attila László added.

Photo credits: Monitorul de Cluj

Author: Blanka Székely