Armed raid of Hungarian institutions in Transcarpathia

The Ukrainian Security Service raided the Hungarian Cultural Association in Transcarpathia (known by its Hungarian acronym of KMKSZ).

Ukrainian Raids

On Monday, the Ukrainian Service Service raided several Hungarian Institutions in Transcarpathia and the residence of László Brenzovics, the president of the KMKSZ. According to the KMKSZ, the purpose of the attack was to intimidate the ethnic minority Hungarian community in Ukraine.The Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association says the attack is unparalleled in the history of Ukraine. Armed squads occupied the apartment of László Brenzovics, the headquarters of KMKSZ in Ungvár, the headquarters of the Egán Ede Transcarpathian Economic Development Center Charity Foundation, and the Foundation for the Hungarian College of Transcarpathia for the purpose of a search.

“During the search, they were looking for (based on a decision in a case opened earlier on charges of separatism by the Court in the eastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizzsja) proof of activities that meant to break up the territorial unity of the country and violently change its borders, causing damage to the country. The KMKSZ believes this is all about pre-planned proceedings based on fabricated political accusations that aim to render impossible the functioning of Hungarian organizations in Transcarpathia and to intimidate the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia and its leaders,” says a KMKSZ communiqué. The organization thus summons the competent entities to immediately end the witch-hunt targeting KMKSZ and other organizations of the Hungarians of Transcarpathia. At the same time, it calls the attention of Hungary and that of international organizations to the political pressure brought against them using state security forces,” the KMKSZ added.

The Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association was established in 1989 and is one of the first Hungarian organizations in the area. Five district organizations, 110 local groups and around 41,000 members now belong to KMKSZ. It is one of the main social alliances of the Hungarians in Ukraine.

Featured photo: kiszo.net

Author: Blanka Székely