Coronavirus witch doctor under investigation

The woman in question had been offering therapy to her coronavirus-infected patients, bypassing official protocols; she was then reported and placed under investigation. Flavia Groșan, a doctor from Nagyvárad/Oradea, got away without any sanctions for now at the Monday session of the Medical Chamber of Bihor County. She came with an attorney, but the members of the ethics commission stated that this was not an examination, just a simple dispute about statements the specialist had made.

Flavia Groșan said that her opinion, as a pulmonologist, is that the protocol applied in hospitals kills patients because the large amount of oxygen causes cerebral edema and that patients with an 80% blood oxygen saturation could also be cured at home. Supporters of the doctor demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Medical Chamber during the interrogation, with some applauding and shouting that they approve of her cure.

Groșan claims that she has cured around 1,000 patients with her treatment method. Among those demonstrating in support of the doctor, there were some who say they survived the infection thanks to her treatment. But there were also a lot of people among the demonstrators who deny the existence of the pandemic and some who do not agree with the restrictions applied by the authorities in order to avoid the disease. The persecution of the doctor started after her statements last week calling the treatment schemes in hospitals too severe.

The Medical Chamber is questioning the pulmonologist’s statements, according to which she offered nationwide consultations and none of her patients ended up in a hospital. The authorities say they registered several patients from her practice who ended up in the hospital because of the coronavirus infection. The case is not yet closed.

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Author: Blanka Székely