Amendment paves way for indoor markets to re-open

The amendment of the Social Democratic Party was voted on and approved, paving the way for indoor markets to re-open.

A legislation was submitted by the Social Democratic Party as an amendment to a draft law, previously accepted in the Senate, that regulated agricultural and industrial activities. The House of representatives accepted the amendment, so indoor market places have the opportunity to remain open during emergency situations. The government had instituted a temporary suspension of the functioning of indoor markets (including fairgrounds) as a protective measure against the coronavirus pandemic.

The primary producers and distributors who sell their products at indoor markets raised their voices against the suspension because they felt they were being adversely and unfairly affected, especially when large, multinational chains did not have to close their stores under the restrictions.

As a result of the general discontent, the government has entrusted municipalities with allowing small producers to continue their activities indoors while, of course, strictly respecting the epidemiological measures. The initiative of the Social Democratic Party was positively received by the specialized budgetary and agricultural committee of the chamber of deputies; after being put to a vote in the plenum, it was ultimately accepted with a decisive majority.

Featured photo: 24.hu

Author: Blanka Székely