A record number of cars were produced in Romania last month

It seems that Romanian car manufacturers have begun to recover after this past spring when their production was halted due to the economic effects brought about by the severe epidemiological restrictions. The factories of the two car giants active in Romania, Dacia and Ford, have produced and delivered a total of 57,846 cars in September, the transindex.ro news portal wrote.

This number is a record, as so many cars have never been made in one month in Romania. The uptick in production is impressive in an annual comparison as well: The number of cars the two factories delivered this September is 56 percent higher than it was last September, which had also been noted as a good month in 2019.

This significant increase has two explanations. On the one hand, both car manufacturers are trying to compensate for the revenue decline caused by the springtime halt. Dacia has even introduced a Saturday shift to speed up production. On the other hand, Ford had already been preparing for a serious capacity expansion last spring for its new model but couldn’t do so because of the coronavirus. But now, due to its previous preparations, the company based in the southern Romanian city of Craiova has been able to quickly boost production, resulting in some impressive growth: This September, a total of 21,430 Ford Pumas and Eco Sports came off the production lines, while a year ago this number was only 7,584.

Meanwhile, the Mioveni-based Dacia produced a total of 36,416 cars last month, which accounts for an increase of 23 percent compared to last year’s figures. Basically, in one day, 1,300 cars roll off the company’s production lines.

Title image: Both Dacia and Ford have seriously increased their production. The image is an illustration

Source: digi24.ro

Author: Éva Zay