Maros County calls for kill order on rampaging bear

In the last couple of days, a bear wandering throughout Maros/Mureș County has caused damage at eight different locations. The Maros County Prefect, Mara Togănel, summoned together the command group that deals with such emergency situations on Wednesday, where they decided to ask for permission to shoot the big game.

Over the weekend, locals from several settlements across Maros County reported that they had spotted bears on farms and that the big game had killed livestock as well. Residents in the villages of Marosugra (Ogra) and Oláhkocsárd (Cucerdea) in the area of Marosludas (Luduș) reported on Tuesday that they had seen one bear several times. In Gyulas (Giuluș), a village in the municipality of Marosugra, the bear had even killed some sheep, with damage totaling RON 7,000 (approximately EUR 1,500). In neighboring Lackód (Lăscud), the animal took a sheep from a farm, while people from Oláhkocsárd also reported that they had seen the bear, too. The president of the local hunting association thinks that since the two villages are very close to each other, it could very well have been the same bear causing problems in both places.

On Wednesday, Maros County Prefect Mara Togănel summoned those who preside over emergency situations. Representatives of the Ministry of Environment and leaders of hunting associations and local municipalities attended the meeting and decided to ask for permission to kill the bear seen around Marosugra and Oláhkocsárd. They also asked the Ministry to indicate how many of the large animals can be killed in Maros County.

Title image: The bear was spotted several times in the last couple of days. Photo: Facebook/Medveles Erdélyben Gyergyószentmiklóson

Author: Orsi Sarány