300 employees of Marosvásárhely cultural institutions placed on compulsory leave

Maros/Mureș County Council called the leaders of its subordinated cultural institutions to place those employees who can’t fulfill their duties due to the coronavirus restrictions on compulsory leave.

The measure affects about 300 employees, primarily the artists of the Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș State Philharmonic, the Maros Arts Ensemble and the Ariel Puppet Theatre. Some employees of the Maros County Museum, the Maros County Library, and the Maros County Center of Traditional Culture and Art Education also have to go on compulsory leave.

The institutions’ directors can decide which employees will continue fulfilling their duties, but basically those working will be the employees responsible for maintenance and administration.

Budgetary amendment

The County Council also amended its budget during its Wednesday session. They included both the RON 1,035,000 (EUR 214,000) donation of the Hidroelectrica Company and the sum coming from the Health Ministry in the Maros County Clinic’s budget. The clinic received RON 370,000 (EUR 76,440) from the Ministry for equipping its Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and RON 1,920,000 (EUR 396,700) for the purchase of chemicals required for COVID-19 testing, laboratory materials, protective equipment and disinfectants. Within the countrywide program of monitoring and fighting the infectious disease, a further RON 900,000 (EUR 185,940) arrived from the Ministry to the Maros County Clinic, which can be used for Real-Time PCR laboratory tests.

The County Council also accepted a cooperation agreement with the Maros County Police Department. According to this, the Maros County Council will support the local police by purchasing the necessary disinfectants for sanitizing police cars. The total budget of the program is RON 13,000 (EUR 2,690) out of which the County Council will pay RON 12,000 (EUR 2,480) and the Maros County Police Department will contribute RON 1,000 (EUR 206).


Title image: The  Marosvásárhely Administrative Palace (on the left) – in which the Maros County Council operates, among other institutions – and the Culture Palace (on the right), where both the town’s art gallery and its library can be found. (Photo: wikimedia.org)

Author: Attila Szoó